Web App Penetration Testing

Web App Penetration Testing - Technomind Solutions

Detect and rectify every vulnerability in your web app with Technomind’s Web App Penetration Testing

Discover vulnerabilities before hackers with our intelligent web app pentest and control your complete security against the latest cyber security threats.

The right Penetration partner saves millions and prestige

You want to secure your business, get flexible with international norms, and establish a reliable brand. Getting Penetration done to detect and rectify all the defects in your business should be the next major step in your business. However, the wrong penetration partner could cost you months of progress and the reputation you’ve worked so hard to establish.

The International Top brands believe Technomind to detect the defects in their security

  • Professional Team: The professional team determines and repairs the lack of security in your cloud set-up.
  • Comprehensive Scanner: Our intelligent scanner detects issues that other pentests often miss.
  • Industry-acknowledged certificate: Establish trust among customers and partners through security certificates.
  • Problem Solving, expert support: Obtain support from security experts right within your dashboard.
  • Collaborative dashboard: Smoothly collaborates with your teammates, CXOs, and our Security experts.
  • Comprehensive Scanner: Our intelligent scanner detects issues overlooked by other pentests.
  • Real-time, expert support: Get support from security experts right within your dashboard.

Protect your web app and detect vulnerabilities that are often neglected by other pentests.

  • Knock out the hackers on their own turf with Technomind’s continuous scanner, powered by creative hacker knowledge
  • The security engine we use is continuously developing utilizing intel about new hacks and CVEs
  • Technomind’s intelligent scanner frames above your past pentest data to adapt its process to match your products

Gain clear, actionable steps to repair all issues and team up smoothly.

  • Smoothly collaborate with your teammates, CXOs, and our Security experts from our user-friendly dashboard.
  • View all necessary information about every vulnerability in one place.
  • Understand precisely how you can procreate and test the issues.
  • Get in-depth, actionable steps to detect every single vulnerability.
  • Remark and discuss every issue right where it is listed. despite that, prevent countless calls and emails.

Trace progress with our CXO-friendly dashboard and give priority to the right detects

  • Get a scenic view of your security posture with our CXO dashboard and track your team’s progress conveniently.
  • Always have knowledge of the status without needing to follow up.
  • Give the priority to right fixes as per ROI and make the most of your developers’ time.
  • Accelerate with a time-saving pentest process.

For Compliance

Get hassle-free and compliance-ready ISO, SOC2, GDPR, CIS
Technomind security engine wraps all the necessary tests needed for you to achieve ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2, or GDPR compliance. Protect your systems utterly and verify every defect is coated with Technomind.